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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Turn to Stone.

Early on, these self-portraits were fractured, disconnected, dislocated. Here's an example.

As time passed the forms gained flesh and grew whole.

We never heal perfectly, but we're strongest in the broken places.


T' said...

THERE you are! Been wondering as it's quiet in ant-land. This is pretty cool. Good bits of wisdom at the bottom of the post, too. Please keep showing these. We're here, watching and devouring.

Ryan Hasse said...

These never fail to captivate my attention.

The truth to what you say in this one is undeniable to me.

I'm starting to think I should start doing some therapeutic pieces for myself after watching what you've been doing. I have a lot of baggage and no sensible outlet that I can think of.

Dominic Philibert said...


Unknown said...

yesh -this one is all sorts of awesome

Elephantiasis said...

Thank you one and all! I appreciate all your comments and crits. Ryan, I strongly recommend chasing your demons down via art. It does you nothing but good, truthfully.