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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blah blah blah.

Hey there!

Two weeks ago my fellow Magic artist Darrell Riche and I attended the Shadowmoor pre-release event in Richmond, Virginia. It was the first chance I'd had to hang with Darrell in eight months, and seeing as how he's a soul brother, that meant something gigantically good. Getting to meet with some fans and earn a little cash on the side was pure gravy.

Peter Hoefling and his crew at Star City Games engineered the event like an event ought to be run, smooth, slick and easy. We'd both worked with him in the past, for the Time Spiral pre-release if I'm thinking right, a couple of years ago. Good times then, repeated in 2008. He deserves vast and polyphonic kudos for showing us another great time, he and his staff both.

Topping the cake was a gab session with a fine gent named Evan Erwin, who put together this artist's interview for your enjoyment. Listen to Darrell and Yours Truly babble like a pair of Wags!

You can find the link here!

Evan, you do great work. This is one of the best prizes I've ever had come from any event. That couldn't have been easy to manage! I remember clearly devolving into sputtering lunacy but, somehow, you got rid of those bits and made gold with the remnants. You rock, sir.