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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Run Run Run!

Ever feel like you're never enough people to keep up?

There's the Public You, the one you need to assure folks you aren't a crazy person, liable to launch yourself at their throat if provoked. Of particular use in the event you are a crazy person and you'd like to be left alone. Ostensibly this person is supposed to keep the Rest of You "safe".  As if the Public You could influence the pull of gravity or prevent the nudge that points the Metro bus straight at you when you step off the curb.

There's the Friendly You. Who is that person, anyway? The one who keeps everyone happy! Isn't that your job? God only knows what would happen if they weren't happy. They might--they might--

---leave You alone.

Alone with You. Isn't that Just Plain Alone? What if you have no idea who You are under all those layers? Imagine being alone with the one you've spent years ignoring. Is that really being alone?

Oh hell yes it is.


T' said...

It's hard to comment on this, Ant, other than to say I always love your personal art (non-personal as well). I hope you know how much you give to the rest of us and that we'd really care for you even if you didn't. You're a good person and a great friend. You're never really alone if you don't want to be; we're here, too.

Olga Drebas said...

I wouldn't agree that being tête-à-tête with your Inner You is equal to being alone, I would sooner agree that losing the link with it *is*.
Anyway, you've got people who are there to make you company any time you need ;)

Anonymous said...

I like that one, the Really Alone one. Best of the bunch, to "me."

Love the drawing.

Elephantiasis said...

I wish Blogger permitted me to reply individually instead of batch-responding like this. Bleah.

Mighty T': sometimes I write these entries fresh from an experience or one of my Patented Pithy Moments. I haven't made a habit of differentiating when these entries are speaking "for" me as opposed to a general attempt at pith. Not sure if I'll begin making efforts in that direction. Maybe it's better to leave the audience guessing? . This entry is meant as a call to arms against the negative voices that might be inside any reader's head. I'm fine, truly I am. My friends--you, dear sir--make for a great quantity of sunshine.

Grif! It's perhaps a bit of a word game I'm playing here, and not well enough to pull off the gag. I think that when you're estranged or alienated (or wholly ignorant) of who you really are, then being alone can be a terrifying proposition. All the skeletons in their closest come out to dance and there are no distractions to chase them away. (And thank you!! Like T', you are a wonderful soul.)

Mister Decker!! It is so good to hear from you again. It's good to be back in range of your electronic voice, as well. Time to go and see what you've been up to.

Piyush said...

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