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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Emerald City Comic Con

What, another announcement? Yep, I'm shouting again. This time I would like to draw your attention towards the Emerald City Comic Con. I will be seated there at my very own table, right between the uber-talented Mark Tedin and the brilliant and bedazzling Brian Snoddy. My table? Z-06, thank you very much.

And here's the thing I'm excited to announce. I finally have a sketchbook for sale. It's a strange one, a very personal one; being the strange person that I am, it fits.

The Little Chapbook of Pain is a perfect-bound book of 140 pages with 84 pieces of black and white art sealed within a color cover. It will be selling for 10.00 at the convention, 14.99 after, and that's including shipping within the continental U.S. I'll have doodles in the first ten copies.

There will be Magic prints, originals and who knows what else, but having this little sketchbook is a big deal for me.

Here's how to find me.

Ready, set, GO!


T' said...

How awesome is it that you're getting out and into the middle of things again! I hope you have an awesome time, meet lots of folks, hang with lots of friends and generally keep moving forward. There are many who are proud of you, dear sir.

Anonymous said...

Hello. You there?

Elephantiasis said...

Hey, Mr. Decker. Thank you for giving me a poke. I've been on a long journey to a dark place. I hope to be back here soon.