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Monday, November 24, 2008

Take a seat.

Been a while since I posted....drat! Back to weekly posts, starting now.

Doesn't look comfortable, does it? The Angry Chair ain't there to make you feel comfy. You're supposed to hate sitting there.


PBetteo said...

It's time for a new cushion, no doubt about it.

Long Live the Angry Chair!

Gabriel Yanagihara said...

Ha, reminds me of my old computer chair if it were personified.

Look forward to future posts!

T' said...

I'm wondering if this is meant to represent self punishment or just the punishment of having to sit at a desk for so long. Does one look forward to sitting here or dread it? Interesting dual purpose illo, dood.

Scott Altmann said...

Was that an Alice in Chains song?
I fear this Angry Chair!

Elephantiasis said...

Oh yeah, Scott, Alice in Chains did that tune. And what tune it was. Aiy Aiy aiy!