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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Because I can...

...I did!

Though exactly what I did is still a source of perplexity.

Me and Red/Green are getting along pretty well these days but I think I need to start seeing someone else. It'd be good for us.


DJ said...

Anthony! This is DJ (long, lost friend) Where are you?! I can't reach you by any means available to me ( my email bounced back and phone # is old) so I hope you get this. Let me know if you still have any contact info for me. Otherwise, let's figure out how I can get in touch with you.

ChaosInOrder said...

Must be a long lost friend vortex around here :) Bob Dishaw here, I am at I've been thinking about you, and coincidentally one of my housemates is getting into the gaming scene and that gave me enough incentive to try to get in touch. I hope you are well.

Best thoughts

DJ said...

Hi Bob, thought you should know that I found Anthony on Facebook. You might have better luck getting in touch with him there. Make sure you search for Anthony S Waters.