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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Uh huh. Keep on talking.

I hate this guy. I mean really hate, with the passion burning inside the hearts of a million white-hot suns. Somehow he became a part of me, a tapeworm, a botfly larva, a dreaded candiru lodged where no fish should be. I wasn't aware of it at the time. Funny thing is, he's part of a mechanism that protected me for years, ages even, but he's the worst part. The most overt part. The part I'd most like to whip until he was a liquid and pour down the drain.

There is one thing I know about personal demons, though, and it's a big secret. It's gremlin-shattering stuff. Demons do not want to be drawn. Ever. Ev-ver. They don't like the light, you see. Their power is greatest when they're safely behind the curtains, pulling all the strings. Bring them out into the open and--you might--just--

--Deal with them.

Heaven knows what would happen after that.

Nope, on second thought it's too dangerous. Just pretend I never wrote Yeah-But's Big Secret. You can keep a secret, right?


Anonymous said...

I always have. "...and you're right." (see,that's in quotes because I didn't really say that, ok?;-)

Elephantiasis said...

...not really sure what you're trying to say.

Anonymous said...

"I always have"...been able to keep a secret.
I think I'm saying(pretend I didn't say it, 'cause we're keeping a secret,right?)I agree with what you said about drawing demons, that it takes some of their power--your power, that is, back from them. No, they don't want us tellin' that.

Is that more clear? I think I was moving kinda fast last Sunday.

Elephantiasis said...

AH. I got you, now. Thank you for dropping by and commenting in the first place!