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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thoughts of Saturdays Past.

Did it happen on a Saturday? I don't remember.

Thirty years of being in the same room. No wonder the world seems frightening. He's got no experience to tell him otherwise.

But it's better than being in the room. Anything is better than going backwards.

It's a mitzvah to take care of yourself: a blessing. Remind yourself of that when you next feel the need to tear yourself down and stop before you get stared.


PBetteo said...

Therapy art, indeed.
Wise words, nifty lines.

Elephantiasis said...

Thank you, betteo. Gotta say, your work is a real inspiration to me. Don't be surprised if you see your influence in my stuff to come!

Scott Altmann said...

I remember this drawing when you shared it with our "list" . Image is burned in my mind - it's epic in a way. Real power to this one -one of my favorites you have created.

Elephantiasis said...

It's a long and strange road I'm on. Thank you for coming along, mister. Your insights are always gems.