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Monday, February 25, 2008

Some Kind of Wonderful.

Artists have chops to maintain. In this, we're like musicians or athletes. Subjects as demanding as the human figure or drapery need to be practiced. The eye needs to be kept sharp, or we start getting lazy. We're like athletes.

Excepting, of course, that we can get fat, even while practicing. Do not look for justice here, compadre. There is none.

Two weekends ago, on a fine Saturday, a group of my friends went out and painted. Not all the work come in yet, so check back periodically. I'll post everyone's work as I get the jpegs. Here's mine, a pastel done from the "equestrian lot" in Laguna Canyon.

This isn't a one-time thing. It'll be a monthly excursion for me and as many folks as want to tag along. I'll announce the date and locales in advance, on this blog. Feel free to join us; we bums of the brush and pen aren't snooty. Once a month, generally on the third weekend of the month, with targets ranging from Los Angeles to San Diego County.

More to come. I had forgotten how much I love plein air.

EDIT: here's my buddy Pat's piece from the same day:

And this is a study my friend Jeremy did of a truck across the way from the park:


T' said...

Dood, that is so much scribbly wonderful! While it 'comes together' as a thumbnail (the way that pointilism does) I REALLY love getting close, seeing the whole thing. It's almost like a reflection in water, or a Chuck Close painting. Lovely lovely stuff. Now I wanna come visit so you can show me how to do this!

Elephantiasis said...

You are welcome any time, sir, you know that for truth. I hope to have some more images up by the weekend, as my friends haven't gotten me their jpegs yet. It's fun!

People have remarked about the marks on DA, too. I love working this loose and scribbly. It's like being released from responsibility to the object. I can gun for feeling instead of slaving away at accuracy. Glad you digs!

Scott Altmann said...

Wow Ant, that looks great! I would join you in a heartbeat if I weren't time-zones away. Looking forward to seeing more of those gems.

Mongsub Song said...

it is awesome to see your traditional skills.. the landscape painting is full of joy and color is absolutely perfect to me~!!!
Good to see this~! ^^